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The JUVÉDERM® family of products is a collection of leading-edge facial fillers from Allergan, a world leader in aesthetic medicine. JUVÉDERM® is a smooth-consistency injectable gel filler your cosmetic doctor uses to refresh your appearance. JUVÉDERM® is made with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar found in your body. The injected hyaluronic acid combines with the water in your skin to restore lost fullness and smooth out lines and wrinkles. Best of all, the results are instant, natural-looking and long-lasting.

The JUVÉDERM® family includes:

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JUVÉDERM<sup>®</sup> Volbella

JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® with lidocaine

Full lips with a defined border are a feature of youthful attractiveness. As we age, natural substances such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, that give skin structure and volume, gradually decrease. This results in lips and the surrounding area being vulnerable to volume loss. Stronger definition of the lip border or the subtle addition of volume can create younger-looking lips. Whether your lips are naturally thin or full, JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® lip injections can be used to enhance lip shape or restore lost fullness.

JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® is a new facial filler specifically designed for gently restoring natural-looking lip volume and defining lip contours. JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® is the only facial filler clinically proven to last up to 12 months in the lips with a single treatment.1†**

†Single treatment=meaning one lip injection and optional top-up at 14 days, for up to 12 months.
**As of June 2013.


JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® with lidocaine

The signs of aging aren't limited to wrinkles. In fact, a key (yet less frequently discussed) sign of aging is loss of fullness in the cheeks. This can be a challenge to correct, with limited surgical and non-surgical solutions available. Fortunately, JUVÉDERM® has a product in their line of leading-edge facial fillers, a product specially formulated to restore facial volume lost over time: JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA®.

JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® is an innovative injectable hyaluronic acid facial filler that delivers smooth, natural-looking fullness to sunken cheeks and firmness to a softening jawline. JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® has been reported to last up to 18 months, longer than many other facial fillers.2 Click here to learn more.

JUVÉDERM<sup>®</sup> Ultra

JUVÉDERM® ULTRA™ and ULTRA PLUS™ XC with lidocaine

JUVÉDERM® XC combines its smooth-consistency injectable gel with pain-reducing lidocaine to instantly smooth away wrinkles around the mouth and nose area. JUVÉDERM® XC has been reported to last up to one year after the initial treatment.3

References: 1. Eccleston D and Murphy DK. JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® in the perioral area: a 12-month prospective, multicenter, open-label study. Clin, Cosmet Investig Dermatol. 2012;5:167-172. 2. Goodman GJ, et al. A prospective, long-term observational study of the efficacy and safety of an hyaluronic acid (HA) filler in the correction of mild to severe mid-face volume deficits: 18-month interim analysis. Australas J Dermatol. 2011;52 (suppl 2):3. (Abstract presented at the Australasian College of Dermatologists Biennial Spring Conference 2011). 3. Pinsky M, et al. JUVÉDERM Injectable Gel: A Multicenter, Double-Blind, Randomized Study of Safety and Effectiveness. Aestheti Surg J. 2008;28:17-23.

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