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The following list highlights the different areas you may want to consider treating. JUVÉDERM® also can be used along with a wrinkle smoothing injectable. This combination can achieve complete rejuvenation that addresses all signs of aging, also referred to as the 3 D's of aging. Talk to an cosmetic doctor to learn about the different areas you may want to consider treating, including:

Smile Lines:

You can fill in and reduce the visibility of the lines that run vertically from the side of your nose to the corners of your upper lip with a JUVÉDERM® treatment.


In addition to addressing wrinkles, JUVÉDERM® can restore facial volume lost due to aging or weight loss, giving the face a rejuvenated appearance.


JUVÉDERM® can re-contour the chin, adding firmness and definition.

Lip Fullness:

JUVÉDERM® can replenish the fullness you've lost or provide you with the fuller-looking lips you've always wanted.

Marionette Lines:

JUVÉDERM® can soften the vertical lines and wrinkles below the corners of the mouth, giving a sad or angry look to the face.

Crow's Feet:

A wrinkle smoothing injectable can quickly reduce the wrinkles and lines that form at the corner of the eyes as a result of aging, sun exposure, smoking, and facial expressions.

Forehead Lines:

Eliminate or minimize those forehead lines caused by repeated contractions with a wrinkle smoothing injectable.

Frown Lines:

Repeated muscle contractions can cause lines between your brows to form. A wrinkle smoothing injectable can be used to treat these wrinkles and make them disappear.

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