JUVÉDERM® is the #1 doctor-recommended facial filler in Canada and worldwide. JUVÉDERM® is made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring sugar found in your body, which combines with the water in your skin to smooth lines and wrinkles, add volume and enhance or define facial features.

The JUVÉDERM® family of products features unique VYCROSS® technology. It is a revolutionary gel formula that gives your skin a smooth, natural-looking appearance that lasts. In addition, JUVÉDERM® products contain lidocaine, a pain reliever that allows you to be more comfortable during and after treatment.

Each JUVÉDERM® product serves its own unique purpose, whether it’s to smooth away wrinkles, restore volume for a gentle lifting effect or to reshape and redefine the lips. Your healthcare practitioner may use several products from the JUVÉDERM® range to create a tailored treatment plan for you.

While facial fillers were used for many years to treat specific lines or wrinkles, today’s treatment approach considers the full face to deliver more natural, harmonious results. Our patented technology allows JUVÉDERM® to blend with the tissue under the skin to keep you looking like yourself, whether you’re smiling, laughing or frowning.

During your consultation, your healthcare practitioner will look at your face while it’s still (static) and moving (dynamic) to make sure they’re able to give you a natural-looking result, whatever emotion you’re feeling. Your healthcare practitioner will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan based on your own unique aesthetic goals. And JUVÉDERM® is reversible, so you can return to your pre-filler appearance if desired.

Results with JUVÉDERM® can last for up to 24 months, depending on the treatment chosen.

Your healthcare practitioner will discuss any safety concerns you may have. JUVÉDERM® has undergone extensive clinical testing and, when administered by a qualified healthcare practitioner, is very well accepted by the skin. It helps that JUVÉDERM® is made of a naturally-occurring sugar in your body called hyaluronic acid, and the treatment is reversible.

Your healthcare practitioner will ask about your medical history to determine if JUVÉDERM® products are appropriate for you. Tell your healthcare practitioner if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have:

  • Allergies to hyaluronic acid, other filler products, gram positive bacterial proteins, lidocaine or other local anesthetics, severe allergies with a history of anaphylaxis or multiple severe allergies.
  • A history of hypertrophic scarring, autoimmune disease, autoimmune deficiency, recurrent sore throats, rheumatic fever, porphyria, taking anti-coagulation or immunosuppressive medication.
  • Untreated epilepsy.
The price of each treatment varies according to the area being treated and the volume of product needed to achieve the desired effect. Your healthcare practitioner will work with you to create a customized treatment plan based on your own unique aesthetic goals and advise you on recommended treatment options and their costs.